Saturday, 19 April 2014

ExInfra Business: Oil & Gas Industry

With the economic downturn and with the reduction in Oil and Gas reserves across the globe, many major players are looking at newer options for Oil and Gas exploration blocks. Expandable through its network and market information, services and relationship in Government and Corporate level will enable their client to stay ahead of the pack and help them in securing them business. Expandable Pvt Ltd has a deep understanding of Business Development activities of Oil and Gas exploration in the area of our operation. We are in the process of bidding for Oil and Gas Blocks in Cyprus and few other countries in consortium with major Oil and Gas exploration players in the Globe.

Additionally, Expandable understands that Oil and Gas companies across the globe are eyeing for sensible solutions to help them tackle the present-day tasks of a global slowdown. Expandable Consulting, offers innovative engineering solutions that provide unique answers to these challenges in areas of upstream and downstream consulting.

The company is specialized in providing new technologies for Upstream and Downstream activities:

  •  Sub-Surface & surface technologies
  •  Heavy oil production
  •  Drilling technologies
  •  Smart Fields & field development
  •  Sledge recovery and oil spill
  •  Industrial cleaning and Cleaning of Storage Tank
  •  Electrical, instrumentation maintenance of power stations
  •  Exploration technologies (pre exploration seismic 3D, Micro seismic, passive seismic & Seismic Data Processing)
  •  Consultant services (Reservoir engineering, Reservoir studies & water challenges)
  •  Supplying Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation & chemical products/ materials
  •  Providing Design, Engineering, Fabrication, installation, operation, maintenance, troubleshooting , commissioning & training for EPC contracts
  •  IOR / EOR technologies (Thermal, Co2, chemical, polymers, microbial & gas)

Wednesday, 16 April 2014


Expandable infra Pvt Ltd led by Sahil Peerzada is a newly formed company with the principle of providing services in the sector of oil and gas, real estate, land acquisition, infrastructure, banking which helps the companies in expanding their horizons by removing the constrains that limits the growth by breaking through the limitations that restrict the growth.

In Consulting and Real Estate business, Expandable Infra has an international presence, with offices in India, Dubai, Malaysia, Cyprus, Iraq and UK and have strategic alliances with some major business houses across the globe like LAKSEL, which has enabled us to improve our position as the best in our services.

Our Consulting services are positioned very sensibly, they are of exceptionally superior quality, significant, sensible, precise and customized to the clients' needs so as to empower them to take the right decisions, and steering their companies towards Growth, and in turn aiding to the overall economic development.